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1. Price overview:

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2. Quotation instruction:

1. Payment terms: 50% of payment in advance as deposit,50% of payment before loading;

2. Products supply period: 30 days after signing the contract and receiving deposit.

3. Guarantee period:12 months after check and accept (except man-made damage)

4. Price include: Package fee and FOB(Shanghai)


3. Panel:Polyurethane Color steel sandwich panel which provide a solution for combined the rock wool and steel panel become a whole party to avoid onsite assembly, It has a good  fireproof and heat insulation performance for itself. it’s the most advanced inventions in now. it can achieve the goal, which is higher quality ,more efficient, more reliable and more safe .the panel thickness is 100mm.

Motor: BAISHENG motor ,it’s a sino-foreign joint venture of the motor.  Power supply :380V/50Hz/3 phase or 220V/50HZ/2 phase

Output power:550W or 750W ; inbuilt controlling program securing smooth movement . IP65.

Equipped with three button controlling box.

Remote control (optional):controlling within 200m  

The motor mechanism should be set inside the door leaf frame, and open access port, maintenance is convenient. joint venture of British AnDeShun products is chosen to the door hardware accessories. driving wheel and road wheel with professional high quality bearing pulley.

Product features:

Polyurethane Color steel sandwich panel give full play to the unique properties of polyurethane core material, fireproof, heat insulation, sound insulation.

1.Excellent Fireproof :

Polyurethane color steel sandwich panel uses the production technology and formula of raw materials, so that it has good fireproof performance. It has passed the national professional organizations detection, fire rating for the B1 level.

2. Good insulation

Polyurethane Color steel sandwich panel is based on the coefficient of thermal conductivity of polyurethane, λ=0.043 W / m2, with the corresponding percentage of the thickness of the polyurethane core material .thickness is 50cm.

3. sound insulation

Sound insulation: Polyurethane Color steel sandwich panel has significant reduction effect in noise transfer, especially suitable for a specified flights by place.

sound absorption: Have very good sound-absorbing effect at the same time, it can absorb the voice of the wide frequency range.

4.anti-wind performance

Sliding rail and pulley:

Unique patented technology adjustable pulley bracket system, ensure smooth operation of roller in a safe way, with the high quality anti-corrosion metal guide. After the completion of the commissioning run smoothly, no kick, jam, noise<=60db.

sealing  property:

Between the middle double leaf there is a special rubber sealing strip. Door left and right sides and bottom of the body is equipped with high density brush, which can effectively prevent insects and dust into effect.

Box cover:

The upper box body at the door cover is 0.8 mm galvanized sheet, effectively prevent the rain corrosion guide wheel crane rail.

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